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The Buying Guide: Commercial Fryers

Posted by Courtesy of Vulcan on 5/22/2018

There’s no denying that people love fried foods. Sides and entrees such as French fries, fish and chips, fried clams and onion rings are the most popular appetizers at many restaurants. And while people often think of fried foods as foolproof, the truth is that a fryer that’s too slow or not big enough can be a disaster when it comes to meeting diner's demands. What's the takeaway for today’s bottom line-minded restaurants? Investing in the right commercial fryer can be instrumental in keeping your customers happy. Read on for a roundup of key considerations when choosing a fryer for your restaurant.

Will Trumps Presidency Impact Restaurant Taxes?

Posted by Erin Carr on 12/21/2016 to Archived Articles

President elect Donald Trump's tax plan can make a big impact on restaurants taxes. Restaurant-Hospitality's Mark Battersby writes about how this can impact the foodservice arena. 

Fitch Ratings Report a Decline in Profitability 2017

Posted by Erin Carr on 12/5/2016 to Archived Articles
According to Fitch Reports overall industry sales growth slows in 2017. Click for the full article from Jonathan Maze at Nations Restaurant News.