Cal-Mil is an Oceanside, California company bringing the innovative California spirit to the food services industry.  They specialize in restaurant display and organization products, including display cases and towers, smallwares, food storage shelves and accessories, tabletop accessories, sneeze guards and condiment holders and organizers.  Their product collection is exhaustive - an impressive feat considering they also manage to maintain high quality.

If you’re looking for a way to make your restaurant, hotel, cafeteria, bakery or convenience store look good, Cal-Mil is the brand for you.  Their products enable you to protect your food from germs, as well as store and organize with ease. Whether it’s plastic, ceramic or stainless steel, Cal-Mil has you covered.

Cal-Mil Display Riser, Individual

Display Riser, Individual
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Cal-Mil Non-Insulated Beverage Dispenser

Non-Insulated Beverage Dispenser
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