Hubbell Water Heaters

Originally incorporated under the name “The Electric Heater Company,” Hubbell Water Heaters was founded after Hans E. Dineson, Sr. invented a novel electric water heater.  Today, the Stratford, Connecticut company is a leading manufacturer of water heating solutions, allowing customers to warm water and liquids cleanly, safely and quickly. Key product lines include:

  • Electric low capacity and high capacity heaters
  • Condensing gas water heaters
  • Steam fired heaters
  • Indirect and solar heaters
  • Electric boosters
  • Gas-fired booster heaters
  • Sanitizing sink heaters

Need to provide customers with hot water? Hubbell Water Heaters’ reliable and long-lasting products have you covered.  They’re efficient and affordable, and their high-performing function will keep customers happy - guaranteed.

Hubbell Water Heaters Electric Booster Heater

Electric Booster Heater
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$2,141.64 /Each FREE SHIPPING

Hubbell Water Heaters Electric Tankless Booster Heater

Electric Tankless Booster Heater
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