Montague Company

Montague Company’s history extends all the way back to 1857 in San Francisco, California, where they began by selling pots, pans and hardware.  Today they are an industry leader in cooking equipment with multiple brands under their umbrella, including Legend, Vectaire, Technostar, Hearth Bake, Excalibur and Excalibur Crusader.  Their flagship product lines include:

  • Heavy duty restaurant ranges
  • Stockpot stoves
  • Charcoal and overfired broilers
  • Pizza, bakery and convection ovens
  • Freezer chef bases
  • Cooking suites
  • Heavy duty fryers

Montague Company strives to manufacture in the USA wherever possible, giving their products a reliable and sturdy reputation.  If you need cooking equipment that will prepare your food quickly and effortlessly, this Montague Company collection is the way to go.


Montague Company Gas 36" Heavy Duty Range

Gas 36" Heavy Duty Range
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