Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe is a Burgundy, France-based company that has been producing food processing solutions for over 40 years.  Their commitment to crafting high quality products that improve efficiency and make food preparation easy has allowed them to become an industry leader.  If you chop, slice or process food at your restaurant, cafeteria or home kitchen, you can drastically improve your daily operations with one of these Robot Coupe products:

  • Commercial food processors, mixers, juicers and blenders  
  • Hand mixers
  • Stainless steel carts and holders
  • Shredding and grating disc plate food processors
  • Hand immersion tools

Ready to take your kitchen prep to the next level? Buy a Robot Coupe product today!

Robot Coupe Parts & Accessories Food Processor

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Robot Coupe Benchtop & Countertop Food Processor

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