Based in Smithville, Tennessee, Star Manufacturing has been in business for a whole century.  The company uses its deep experience in the commercial food services industry to produce high quality products that enable you to heat and cook your food effectively, while saving energy and increasing your profits.  If you’re looking for one of the following items, you’re in luck, because Star Manufacturing has you covered:

  • Countertop cooking equipment, including fryers, charbroilers, toasters, ovens, griddles, skillets and more
  • Contact, conveyor and pop-up toasters
  • Sandwich grills
  • Hot dog broilers, steamers and grills
  • Countertop and impingement conveyor ovens
  • Drawer and tortilla warmers

When the going gets rough, you can count on Star Manufacturing to take care of your cooking needs efficiently and thoroughly.

Star Hot Dog Grill

Hot Dog Grill
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Star Sandwich & Panini Grill

Sandwich & Panini Grill
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