True Refrigeration

Started in 1945 by a World War II veteran, True Refrigeration is a tried and true name in the commercial food service industry.  After creating the first commercial, electric-powered refrigerators, True has spent decades innovating and perfecting their products.  

Today they are a leading manufacturer that distinguishes themselves with their passion for sustainable manufacturing, allowing customers to freeze their food with hydrocarbons (which do not deplete the ozone, unlike HFC refrigerants).

If you’re looking for traditional reach-ins, food prep tables, worktops, air curtains, underbar refrigerators, merchandisers, display cases or milk coolers, True products will get the job done.  Shop our collection today for quality, affordable solutions that save the environment.

True Refrigeration Reach-In Refrigerator

Reach-In Refrigerator
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True Refrigeration Mega Top Sandwich & Salad Unit Refrigerated Counter

Mega Top Sandwich & Salad Unit Refrigerated Counter
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