Our 30 Days Lowest Price Guarantee

We stand by our prices.

If you find a better price—on immediately available products—at our online or local competitor’s stores, we’ll match the price.

A Few Things to Be Aware Of

  • We price match local retail competitors at the time of sale. We include in this price match any local competitors with physical locations, though we take their online prices into account too. Note that we price match only items shipped from and sold by local competitors and these top three retailers: Amazon.com, WebstaurantStore.com, and RestaurantSupply.com.
  • The aforementioned guarantee covers new items but does not include open-box or clearance items. We offer one price match per item, per customer. The item must be identical. Only the pre-tax price is taken into consideration.

Our 30-Day Price Match Guarantee Does Not Cover

  • Any items for sale the Sunday week of Thanksgiving
  • Any items for sale the Monday after Thanksgiving
  • Products sold by third-party sellers.
  • Products shipped by third-party sellers.
  • Online prices not within the “Special Considerations” section of the competitor’s website
  • Prices that stem from a store’s loyalty program or a warehouse membership—or any pricing that is only available to a select group of customers.
  • Prices stemming from government exchange offers.
  • Competitor offers such as pre-order offers, liquidation offers, daily or hourly specials, sales, trade-in offers or bundle offers.
  • Competitor offers stemming from service prices, such as delivery and installation charges.
  • Financing offers.
  • Items advertised as being limited quantity.
  • Coupon offers, out of stock items, open-box items, clearance items, pre-owned or refurbished items.
  • Credit card offers, Gift card offers, Point-of-sale activation cards, discounts related to a membership program or voice-only deals.

Price Match FAQ

How do I get a price match from KitchenRestock.com?

When ordering online, you can request a price match via online chat or by phone. Please note this applies only to orders that are within the return and/or exchange period. When you speak to a customer service specialist via chat or phone, please let the specialist know about the lower price. The lower price offer must still be in effect on the competitor’s website or store when you make the request. Kitchen Restock staff will review the request to ensure that it adheres to the guidelines above. Kitchen Restock will evaluate your request on a Kitchen Restock device. To submit a price match by phone, call 1-844-786-8477. You can also submit a price request via online chat at KitchenRestock.com. Online price match requests can only be made by the purchaser. Kitchen restock reserves the right to, at its discretion, limit the number of online price match requests.

Note that you can only make KitchenRestock.com price match requests via phone or online chat. You cannot complete these requests in our retail stores or via email. For the purposes of this price match guarantee, purchases from a desktop computer, smartphone or other digital device are considered KitchenRestock.com purchases. Additionally, purchases made on KitchenRestock.com with store pickup are considered KitchenRestock.com purchases.

Once an item has shipped, only the person listed in the “Bill To” section of the order can initiate a price match request. Any estimated shipping or delivery charges will be excluded from the price match.

How do I provide proof of price?

To provide proof of price, simply show our customer care specialist the ad. If the offer is online, provide our customer care specialist the URL that leads to the major online retailer’s website. We may, at our discretion, call the store to verify that the special is valid, that the price is lower and that the item is still in stock.

What is a local retail competitor?

For the purposes of this guarantee, a local retail competitor for store purchases is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a product. The product must be:

  • New
  • Factory-staled
  • Covered by warranty

To qualify as local, the competitor must be Located within a 25 mile radius of your purchase address.

For the purposes of this guarantee, a local retail competitor of KitchenRestock.com is a retail store authorized by a vendor to sell a product. The product must be:

  • New
  • Factory-sealed
  • Covered by warranty

For KitchenRestock.com purchases, the store must have a physical location within 25 miles of your billing or shipping address to qualify as local.

Does Kitchen Restock match warehouse club prices?

Yes. Kitchen Restock will match the prices of warehouse clubs and national dealers. Examples include U.S. Food, Edward Don and Sysco. However, the offer must meet the criteria as outlined in this Price Match Guarantee. Kitchen Restock will only match the price of an item that is immediately available for purchase at the club or national dealer. However, if the club or national dealer requires a login to view the price, price matching will only be available in a Kitchen Retail store—not by online chat or phone. In addition, a Kitchen Restock customer service specialist must be able to validate the offer live. A screenshot is insufficient.

Will Kitchen Restock match a price even if this brings the price below Kitchen Restock’s list price for the item?

Yes. However, the item must: 

  • Be identical
  • Be immediately available
  • Meet all other criteria as outlined in this guarantee

What about services?

There are differences in services rendered that cannot be easily or quickly accounted for. For this reason, Kitchen Restock does not price match competitors’ services. This includes services such as financing, delivery, and installation, as outlined above.

What if I have an item scheduled for delivery already?

If at any time before your scheduled delivery date you note a price drop that meets the criteria as outlined in this guarantee, call 1-844-786-8477 to make a price drop guarantee claim. You can also send an email to [email protected]. When making a price match guarantee claim, note that all the normal conditions apply, as outlined above.

What if the item isn’t in stock?

If the item is out of stock or is listed as ‘limited quantities available’ or similar, it is not eligible for price matching. In addition, if Kitchen Restock itself is advertising the item in question as ‘limited quantities available’ or similar, that item is not eligible for price matching.

What about ‘free gift with purchase’ offers?

Kitchen Restock does not price match ‘free gift with purchase’ offers, or any similarly phrased offers. This includes any specials or offers that provide gift cards.

What about offers with Financing?

Kitchen Restock does not price match our competitors’ financing offers. In addition, if an offer is dependent on you using a competitor’s credit card, Kitchen Restock will not provide price matching for that offer.

Can I use your low or no interest financing if I got a price match?


Does Kitchen Restock provide price matching for trade-in offers?

No. Kitchen Restock does not provide price matching for trade-ins.

What About Competitors’ Coupons?

Kitchen Restock does not provide price matching for competitor’s coupons.

Can I use a coupon and still get a price match?

No. You can use a Kitchen Restock coupon or request price matching, but not both. Kitchen Restock does not allow a coupon to be applied to a price-matched item.

What about going out of business sales or liquidations?

Kitchen Restock does not provide price matching for going out of business sales or liquidations. Items in going out of business or liquidation sales are clearance items. Clearance items are not covered by the Kitchen Restock Price Match Guarantee.

What about pre-orders?

If the price of the item drops at the time of shipment, Kitchen Restock will automatically charge the lower price. Note that we do not charge your credit card until the product ships.

What about sales tax?

Kitchen Restock will always match the pre-tax price. We cannot take sales tax into consideration when calculating the price match. In addition, we cannot override sales tax to match a price.

Kitchen Restock may, at its discretion, run tests on the Price Match Guarantee at any time. We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.

Effective Date: November 31st, 2020